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Like summer and USA swimming the ability to hold a swim meet is directly related to the involvement of parent volunteers. 



 PLEASE contact Coach Douglas if you are interested in being an official this swim season....


-       For each dual meet each team provides:

o   12 timers (normally eight lanes are used with 3 timers per lane combining both schools timers),

o   2 stroke and turn judges,

o   2-3 table workers - we will also try to have a computer operator at the table to enter times for our swimmers

o   Team listed as Home team also provides a starter and a referee for each meet and a head table worker.

Stroke and Turn Judges, Starters, and Referees require training and in some case certification.
Training sessions and clinics are normally held before the swim season starts for those positions. 


            General Volunteer Information for all meets: 


                -   What time should I be at the meet if I am volunteering?
                     Meets begin at different times.  Generally speaking, volunteers should plan to be at the meets at the following times:

                    Referee/Asst. Referee/Starter:  1 hour before meet starts
                    Stroke & Turn/Relay Take Off Judges:  40-45 minutes before meet starts 
                    Chief Timer/Asst. Chief Timer:  40-45 minutes before meet starts 
                    Head Timer/Timers: 30 minutes before meet starts 
                    Scorers:  30 minutes before meet starts 

                What should I do when I get to the meet?

                    When you arrive at the meet, if you are a volunteer you should check in at the table to let us know you are present

                    and are ready to work.   Cross off your name on the sheet and make a name tag for yourself.  If a timer, get a watch

                    from the Chief Timer.

                What should I wear?

                    All Deck Officials should wear blue pants/skirt/shorts and a white shirt.  Deck officials include the Referee,     

                    Starter, Timers, Stroke and Turn judges, Relay take Off judges, and timers.

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